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FFL was made possible by support from Give Breast Cancer the Boot.


Food for Life was created for cancer patients visiting the Ida Friend Infusion Center, UCSF in an effort to provide them with nourishing organic snacks during their infusion treatment. 


FFL was launched by Stephanie Stavrianoudakis, RN, and breast cancer patient, Greta Macaire, Registered Dietitian-Oncology and Dr. Abrams, MD, UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine.


After Stephanie’s personal experience with breast cancer, she was surprised at the disconnect related to teaching the importance of healthy eating.  She was determined to find a way to empower and educate cancer patients and their families about healthier food choices. 

Today, Food For Life provides nourishment to cancer patients who make over 2,000 treatment visits to UCSF per month.   

“I expected to be offered graham crackers and apple juice…but to my amazement, I was told the new offerings were sugar free, dairy free, gluten free and organic! Bless you for offering, AT LAST, a healthy choice to cancer patients!”

-Cancer Patient

Who we are


  • Provide nutrient dense snacks to patients at the Ida Friend Infusion Center, the Breast Care Center and Mission Bay Infusion Center

  • Educate patients and family members about the importance of healthier food choices through our learning library and nutritional tips

  • Support a healthier environment that promotes healing, empowerment and the ability to make smart choices about overall wellness

What we do


Food For Life welcomes donation partners interested in providing cancer patients with healthy snack alternatives.  We seek in-kind support and funding to expand locations. To support Food For Life, please contact Jennifer Engstrom at

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How to Donate


“…I enjoyed having the miso soup for lunch, teas to help me with nausea and a snack bar to munch on during several of my long chemo days…I, and I’m sure I can speak for other patients not able to write, am SO appreciative to have the nutritious snacks and books available on chemo days. It definitely adds a positive to an otherwise difficult day.

–Head and Neck Patient

“To be offered such nourishment during this trying time is a blessing. The food and teas that have been curated are healing to the body as well as to the heart and soul.  To be given such delicious morsels of healthy snacks and beverages when you are sick serves up a big dollop of hope.”

–Sister of Breast Cancer Cancer Patient

“…I appreciated all the healthy snacks and selection of teas while going through chemo…the book display is wonderful and I borrowed the books and cookbooks and took photos of the titles. I ordered 5 cookbooks through Amazon…you gave me tools for the future…you literally are helping save my life and spend time with my son + (hopefully!) grandkids.”

–Breast Cancer Patient

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